NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup – Week 11

4 Star Free Agents – Week 11
November 14, 2018
4 Star Free Agents – Week 12
November 20, 2018

Real good week last week.  If you used our lineup you were likely in the money.  Trubisky was money, so too were Melvin Gordon, Nick Chubb and Aaron Jones.  If only our WRs hit like the RBs and QB, things woulda got real interesting.  Let’s try to parlay this into another winning week.


Wide Receiver:  Philly’s secondary is all banged-up and despite the hefty price tag we are going with Michael Thomas ($8,800).  We’ll seek value elsewhere.  He’s by far the #1 WR this week and we want a piece of this shootout.


Running Back:  For the money, Tevin Coleman ($6,800) is a relative value.  Ito Smith is still stealing touches but Coleman is still considered the lead back.  Thinking the Falcons lean on Coleman quite a bit against the Cowboys.


Defense:  The Raiders are a dumpster fire right now so we’ll go for the super-aggressive Cardinals at just $4,000.


Wide Receiver:  Really love where Corey Davis ($6,200) is trending.  The Colts are not good against the pass; much better against the run.  So we can see Davis having another big game here this week.  The price is surely right.


Quarterback:  With the MNF game off the board for this particular tourney, we went with the cheapest QB that will be part of a shootout with plenty of passing.  That’s Carson Wentz ($7,700).  Love this matchup.  No run game for the Eagles.


Tight End:  After two solid outings, O.J. Howard ($6,300) had a quiet game against the Redskins.  Feeling here is that he’s due for a bounce-back.  The entire Buc passing game should get back on track against the Giants.


Running Back:  Down to our last three spots, and need to average right around $6,700 each.  We have our eye on Doug Martin ($6,200) facing one of the worst rush D’s in the league.  Oakland is terrible but our bet is that they lean on Martin a whole lot come Sunday.


Wide Receiver:  $14k left for two slots, so looking for a wideout in the $7k range.  Alshon Jeffery ($7,300) is close, and we like the stack with Wentz.


Flex:  With $6,700 to spend, we are looking at WRs at flex.  We are going to roll the dice with Amari Cooper ($6,600) in a great matchup against a banged-up Falcon defense.  This could be the week that he and his QB finally look to fully be on the same page.


Final Roster:


QB – Wentz ($7,700)

RB – Martin ($6,200)

RB – Coleman ($6,800)

WR – Thomas ($8,800)

WR – Jeffery ($7,300)

WR – Davis ($6,200)

TE – Howard ($6,300)

Flex – Cooper ($6,600)

DEF – Arizona ($4,000)