Pass Happy/Run Happy – Week 16

Pass Happy   Houston (@PHI):  Lamar Miller may be out, or at least hampered by an ankle injury, and even with a healthy Miller we expect a […]

Pass Happy/Run Happy – Week 15

Pass Happy   NEP @ PIT:  Yeehaw folks, start ‘em if you got ‘em.  Both defenses are bend-but-don’t-break and both offenses will move the ball with ease.  […]

4 Star Free Agents – Week 15

Ok everyone – best of luck in your playoff games. Sometimes you might need to sit an ok guy and swing for that upside fence. This […]

NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup – Week 14

Blah.  Fair to middling on our picks last week.  Adam Humphries continued to impress, netting 15.6 points.  Also, the Baltimore D gave us 15.  Aside from […]

Pass Happy/Run Happy – Week 14

Pass Happy   PIT (@OAK):  No running back?  No problem.  Pittsburgh’s down to it’s third-string running back but that shouldn’t be an issue, especially this week.  Big […]

4 Star Free Agents – Week 14

Back to back solid weeks: hitting on 6 players at 4 different positions, and 3 JUST out of the desired range but still very close making […]

NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup – Week 13

Took Thanksgiving week off, as having 3 games on Thanksgiving really makes a Sunday-only tournament harder to navigate. We’re back, and hopefully going to finish in […]

4 Star Free Agents – Week 13

So I had a decent week last week, hitting on 6 players at 4 different positions. This week we are done with byes – are you […]

Pass Happy/Run Happy – Week 12

PASS HAPPY Tampa Bay (vs. SFO):  Well, we’re back to having Jameis Winston throw passes for the Bucs, as Ryan Fitzpatrick has lost his mojo.  The Bucs […]

4 Star Free Agents – Week 12

So I have VERY vivid memories of Joe Thesimann’s leg injury at the hands of Lawrence Taylor, back in 1985. That was a birthday MNF game […]