4 Star Free Agents – Week 9

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October 26, 2018
Pass Happy/Run Happy – Week 9
November 1, 2018

Trade deadline edition: apologies for the tardiness, but we wanted to see how the trade deadline shook out this week. It certainly got interesting, and the Thomas trade bumped Coutee off this list and placed Courtland Sutton squarely on it.


Teams on Bye: Arizona, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, New York Giants, Philadelphia



Alex Smith, WAS: if you’ve read this column the past few years, you’d know this guy is perhaps the most often chosen. So I pop my Alex Smith cherry for 2018 in week 9. That’s pretty good, right? What hasn’t been good thus far for him is his play. But that’s in large part because of his schedule, which has been tough for QBs. But look, he has a very competent running game, some decent weapons at receiver and he doesn’t turn the ball over that much. He might add some points on the ground. The most important thing however is he plays against the super soft Falcons defense. With the number of QBs on bye this week, you could do well here.

Ownership: Yahoo 43%; NFL 49% & ESPN 49%.

Derek Carr, OAK: how the mighty have fallen. A darling a year ago he is now struggling on a team being dismantled. One could go on over just what in the wide wide world of sports John Gruden is up to but that’s another day. In the meantime, Carr has put up nice number the past week, has a short week matchup against the 49ers who give up the 8th most points to QBs. As above, in a brutal bye week he represents some decent upside.

Ownership: Yahoo 26%; NFL 12% & ESPN 16%



Ito Smith, ATL: he’s been on the periphery for a few weeks now, since Freeman was put on IR. He’s been ok, but really only ok. But coming off a bye week, they can look to work him in more. The thing you have to like about theFalcons this year, fantasy wise, is their defense is so poor they get into shootouts nearly every week. There’s a lot to go around and I think we’ll see some come around for Smith this week against Washington.

Ownership: Yahoo 36%; NFL 6% & ESPN 33%.

Frank Gore, MIA: when is this guy done? Ok, he’s not a sexy pick but at the end of the day he is still splitting carries 50/50 in the most recent game and has double digit touches for a month now. It isn’t the best offense, but at least you know you’re getting a decent floor during this week of brutal byes.

Ownership: Yahoo 22%; NFL 9% & ESPN 25%.

Chris Ivory, BUF: it’s a week of interesting RB possibilities, but no one really jumps out. I’m going with Ivory based on the fact he probably has the highest floor, but he has limited upside. Still, you have to like the fact he has the 2 best RB performances this season in Buffalo: weeks 3 & 7 (Minnesota and Indy). I’m looking at that and thinking he’s the main guy this week and Marcus Murphy spells him at times. It won’t be the other way around, meaning Ivory is your guy.

Ownership: Yahoo 8%; NFL 1% & ESPN 9%.



Courtland Sutton, DEN: the Thomas trade to Houston likely had the biggest impact this week (I’m not thrilled with Montgomery going into the Baltimore backfield committee) in that in took Coutee off of rosters for the rest of the year, and moved Sutton into the #2 spot in Denver. If you own Sanders, you are dancing a jig.

Ownership: Yahoo 14%; NFL 2% & ESPN 12%.

Danny Amendola, MIA: a strong pick last week, he stays here because he is a #1 WR on his team who is less than 50% owned. There might be some other compelling picks out there, but he’s basically guaranteed the lions share of looks. He made a strong showing last week and there’s no reason it can’t happen again.

Ownership: Yahoo 41%; NFL 3% & ESPN 22%.

Marquez Valdez-Scantling, GBP: the second half rookie sensation? It’s looking that way. In the last month he is averaging 15.2 points per game, good for #20 in the NFL (he had a bye week in there). Recall the Packers shotgunned the draft by pulling 3 different WRs out of it, such was their need. Well, they likely wanted one to hit this season and they have one. Widely available and good to go.

Ownership: Yahoo 6%; NFL 1% & ESPN 3%.



Chris Herndon, NYJ: the most desolate position of the year gets more desolate on a week with 6 teams on bye. Herndon has pros and cons: he has scored in 3 straight games but only gets 53% of the teams snaps. His matchup this week is the biggest pro: theDolphins have been hit for 4 TDs the last two weeks by the TE position. While I wouldn’t expect 2 more, another seems in the cards.

Ownership: Yahoo 1%; NFL 1% & ESPN 1%.



Oakland Raiders: yes, they have been having terrible season, but they are facing the 49ers who allow the most fantasy points to defenses. That, and the simple fact you have 6 teams on a bye this week and this becomes a very sneaky play, especially given the ownership rates.

Ownership: Yahoo 1%; NFL 1% & ESPN 1%.


That’s it for this week folks – best of luck out there!


QB – Mitch Trubisky, CHI: 10th

QB – C.J. Beathard, SF: 23rd

RB – Jalen Richard, OAK: 23rd

RB – Ronald Jones, TBB: 50+

RB – Chris Ivory, BUF: 37th

WR – Danny Amendola, MIA: 20th

WR – Tre’Quan Smith, NOS: 50+

WR – Kelvin Benjamin, BUF: 50+

TE – C.J. Uzomah, CIN: 50+

Team Defense – Pittsburgh Steelers: 12th