4 Star Free Agents – Week 14

NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup – Week 13
November 30, 2018
Pass Happy/Run Happy – Week 14
December 6, 2018

Back to back solid weeks: hitting on 6 players at 4 different positions, and 3 JUST out of the desired range but still very close making Goodwin’s Sunday scratch my only bad miss.

And now, you are wrapping up the regular season or starting the post season. That isn’t the time to stop looking at pick up and plays. It’s time to make gangster moves and find those few extra points on the wire you will surely need.


Teams on Bye: NONE



Lamar Jackson, BAL: I generally pull a wait and see with players who take over mid season. Jump on them too early and they might show you why they weren’t starters in the first place. Well, I’ve seen enough. This guy is Tyrod Taylor on steroids: the rushing numbers more than make up for a lackluster passing game. The matchup this week against KC is solid, and I’d wager there’s extra pep in Jackson’s step to go against a true peer in Mahomes.

Ownership: Yahoo 46%; NFL 54% & ESPN 51%.

Josh Allen, BUF: the Bills will go down (and then be forgotten) as having one of the odder campaigns of the 2018 season. At times, they are the worst team in the league, other times they look pretty decent (that’s as far as I’ll go). Allen is averaging 30 points the last two weeks and plays the Jets this week. No, I doubt he clips off 100+ yards rushing again, but something is clicking here and the QB position is turning into a wasteland with all of the injuries the past few weeks.

Ownership: Yahoo 5%; NFL 1% & ESPN 4%



Jaylon Samuels, PIT: this one bears watching if Connor gets cleared to play. But if not, he looks to be a solid pickup here, and has the benefit of being a dual position player at Yahoo as a RB/TE. If you get him, watch Connor’s status closely.

Ownership: Yahoo 10%; NFL 3% & ESPN 4%.

Justin Jackson, LAC: two weeks in a row he’s looked great and delivered a top 15 performance last week. There’s no reason given the depth they have the Chargers don’t rest Gordon again, and go with the just fine Ekeler/Jackson backfield.

Ownership: Yahoo 1%; NFL 1% & ESPN 1%.

Jeff Wilson, SF: who? 23 touches, 134 total yards that’s who. Alfred Morris has been a head scratching healthy scratch (see what I did there?) the past few weeks and now Breida is hurt. Denver is a decent matchup this week and he looks good to go and running hungry.

Ownership: Yahoo 4%; NFL 1% & ESPN 1%.



Adam Humphries, TBB: what does this guy have to do? He’s been on a tear for a full half season basically and still isn’t over 50% substantially anywhere. Likely a case of people feeling he’ll cool down eventually. Well, he hasn’t as of yet. A top ten performance last week should be all you need to see to add him.

Ownership: Yahoo 51%; NFL 51% & ESPN 41%.

Curtis Samuel, CAR: he got dropped after a few poor weeks, but that appears to be turning around. Funchess has been limited lately and that’s helped Samuel. As the Panthers chase a playoff spot it looks like they’ll be turning to him more. Not convinced? Since week 9 he is WR #16. Mic drop.

Ownership: Yahoo 18%; NFL 4% & ESPN 12%.

Antonio Callaway, CLE: not as successful as Samuel above, Callaway Is still the #34 WR since week 8. That’s low end WR3 numbers, but not WR4. He’s benefiting from Mayfield’s play thus far and that shouldn’t end anytime soon. Not your typical pick but Still a strong one.

Ownership: Yahoo 13%; NFL 3% & ESPN 10%.



Ian Thomas, CAR: somehow fitting that 2018, the Year of Few Tight Ends, comes to a close with a guy I had forgotten about, and you did too – admit it! He’s taking over for the now finished Greg Olsen. He pulled in 5 catches off the bench. He filled in ok the weeks Olsen as out earlier this year, but with them now pushing for a playoff spot I’d wager they lean on him more in this game, especially given his success last week.

Ownership: Yahoo 1%; NFL 1% & ESPN 1%.



New Orleans: if you’re a Saints fan, yes this past weekend was a bummer. But let’s face it: the Cowboys /Saints games have turned into solid affairs over the last decade. The Cowboys win was good for the Cowboys, but the Saints as a defensive unit did not disappoint. This week they face the Bucs who are first in giving up points to defenses this year. And despite their solid game last week, you can’t help but think the whole team is pissed and will take it out on the hapless Bucs.

Ownership: Yahoo 39%; NFL 50% & ESPN 34%.


Week 13 Ranks:

QB – Baker Mayfield, CLE – 12th

QB – Dak Prescott, DAL – 15th

RB – Nyheim Hines, IND – 20th

RB – Justin Jackson, LAC – 15th

RB – Theo Riddick, DET – 38th

WR – Adam Humphries, TBB – 10th

WR – Marquise Goodwin, SF – INJ

WR – Christian Kirk – 35th

TE – Cameron Brate, TBB – 18th

Team Defense – New Orleans – 8th